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2009 Charlotte Jewish Film Festival to Bring Laughs to Uptown

The 2009 Charlotte Jewish Film Festival (Feb 28- Mar 8) will include a Night of Kosher Comedy at the McGlohon Theater in Spirit Square on Thursday, Mar 5th. This special evening of comedy will include one feature-length documentary and four shorts all for $10.

The feature documentary, CIRCUMCISE ME, is the wild true story of Yisrael Campbell, one of Israel’s most popular comedians. Born Chris Campbell in Philadelphia and raised Catholic by an ex-nun, Campbell initially rejected all religion and spent his teenage years under the influence of drugs. As a young adult, he met a woman who introduced him to Judaism and he finally found what he was searching for: a religion he believed in and a plethora of material for his stand-up comedy routine. He ultimately converts to Judaism 3 times -- Reform, Conservative and Orthodox -- and each time undergoes that age old ritual of circumcision. In his comedy show he quips, “Three circumcisions is not a religious covenant. It’s a fetish.”

More than just a barrel of laughs, CIRCUMCISE ME questions the place and purpose that comedy should play. What is okay to joke about and what is off-limits? For example, Campbell finds solace for the suicide bombing deaths of two close friends through his humor.

This intimate look at the “Matisyahu of Comedy” will keep you laughing as you share his topsy-turvy life story and journey of spiritual self-discovery.

Following the screening of CIRCUMCISE ME, four additional shorts will be shown including WEST BANK STORY, the 2007 Academy Award winner for Best Live Action Short. A take-off on WEST SIDE STORY, it is the hilarious story of rival falafel stands in the West Bank, one Israeli-owned, and the other Palestinian. 1-800 KOSHER, A TRIP TO PRAGUE and SPEAKING YIDDISH will round out this wonderful night of laughs. Take a trip Uptown on the light rail or stick around after work -- either way you are in for a terrific treat!!!

The 5th Anniversary Charlotte Jewish Film Festival promises to be the best one yet. If comedy is not your thing, join us for one of our fascinating documentaries or dramatic feature-length films. Visit the website,, as well as the February edition of the Charlotte Jewish News for a complete listing of the fantastic films coming to a neighborhood theater near you. There is sure to be something for everyone!

The Charlotte Jewish Film Festival is brought to you by the Levine Jewish Community Center and the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah, and is made possible, in part, through a Community Cultural Connections grant from the Arts & Science Council and the Grassroots Program of the North Carolina Arts Council (a state agency).

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